AM Electricals Commercial Services

Selecting a good commercial electrician

One thing every office needs is an effective electrical service that ensures safety and comfort while using electrical appliances in your office. With the amount of electrical devices being produced currently, electrical risks keep increasing by the day. Hence, the need for a trustworthy professional or commercial electrician to ensure that your office is properly wired to handle electrical appliances and their activities.

One of such trustworthy companies is AM Electricals. AM Electricals is a professional and trustworthy company that specializes in electrical installations for commercial usage. We focus on the various electrical problems that your company may experience so that you don’t have to worry or do it yourself. AM Electricals is government approved, and also an NIC EIC approved commercial electrical contractor.

With our vast experience we not only handle commercial electrical wiring, but also industrial electrical wiring. We are a company focused on ensuring electrical safety for your classrooms, offices, and workshops, etc. we offer various services, from electrical lighting to electrical installation. Here’s a brief overview of our services, why you need us, and what you tend to benefit from partnering with us.

Commercial Lighting Installation in Birmingham, West Midlands.

When designing a office or its electrical plan, it is important that you consider its lighting areas. A well lit room or house is well secured and enjoyable. That’s why at AM Electricals, we are focused on providing adequate lighting for your buildings, office, and workspaces. We offer the best equipment and commercial electrical contractors to provide your buildings, office, or factory with the lighting that best suits it.

Industrial Electrical Wiring in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Having good industrial electrical wiring installed in your office or workshop is very important. It ensures that all your equipment can run without power failure or getting fired due to electrical surge or massive voltage output. We at AM Electrical offer superb industrial electrical work. From the point of receiving the quote, till we complete the job, we will work closely with our client requiring our industrial services, ensuring that we meet the requirements of your organization.
Industrial electrical wiring requires professional industrial electricians and contractors. Hence, we ensure that every industrial project is completely customized to meet your demands, that said, we will accompany you throughout the entire process. Customer service is just as important as the electrical services we provide. Additionally, we provide industrial services including extensive design and construction, socket and lighting construction, fire alarm installation, and many other industrial facilities.

Commercial Electrical wiring in Birmingham, West Midlands.

AM Electrical has specialized in commercial electrical installation for a long time. Our company has built trust with our neighbors in Birmingham and around the country. We have offered our various services to schools, offices and companies in the West Midlands, hence, our vast experience. Our portfolio of expertise varies from servicing, installation of electrical wiring and appliances, electric service repair, and others.

We put our customer service first, hence, we ensure that our customers get adequate attention while working with our professional commercial electricians. We provide a variety of commercial electrical services, such as installing CCTV, installing security alarms, and installing emergency lighting. AM Electrical is the business you need if you’re searching for commercial electricians in the West Midlands. We provide a full range of electrical services at competitive costs.

Fire Alarm Design and Installation.

At AM Electricals, we not only deal with electrical and lighting issues for our clients, we also plan out safety mechanisms for them. We put the safety of our customers in Birmingham at the top list of our priority, here at AM Electricals. To ensure their safety, we offer the best, and most sophisticated fire alarm systems for residential and commercial buildings. Not only do we design these systems ourselves, but we will also help in the installation process.

All these installations are done to assure you that your safety is our priority. Our products tend to last long, and we provide maintenance, as needed. Nothing is more important than the safety of our electricians and our clients, so our main objective is to make sure that all the office s we operate on have modern fire alarms and fire detection systems. Visit our service page on fire alarms if you live in Birmingham and would need more details on installing a fire alarm.

CCTV Installation in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Aside from electrical installations, fire safety installations, we also perform security installations for our clients. Another important security service that we offer our clients in Birmingham, is the installation of CCTV cameras in their office s, offices, workshops or factories. We ensure that our installed CCTV hardware has the latest software to ensure that our client’s office is secure when you are office or away.

PAT Testing.

Portable appliance testing is important when renovating, or moving into a new place. PAT testing is a method or process of testing and checking electrical appliances to ensure safety. It is done through a variety of physical, software, and electronic tests and inspections. We offer PAT Testing to ensure that your facilities and equipment are safe for commercial and industrial usage.
It is important to take the PAT test, to avoid unexplainable fire incidents in your workplace, or damaging of electrical appliances. Remember, at the start of the project, we assured you that your safety is our number one priority; hence, we offer optimum services to prove our reliability to you. You can contact us to schedule your next PAT test.

EV Charging in Birmingham, West Midlands.

We are well aware of the surge in EV charging demand in Birmingham and throughout the UK because our business focuses on the electrical industry. It is also not surprising that EV charging stations are required, as more individuals keep buying electric vehicles. At AM Electrical, we offer EV charger installation for Birmingham office s, offices, mobiles, and businesses.

Our various services are designed to benefit our clients, hence, we ensure client satisfaction, and input is considered. Yes, we are professionals, but your opinion does matter.