Electrical Installation Condition Report (ERCR)

Over time all electrical installations deteriorate with use and age, poorly maintained electrical installations can be fatal. Many insurance companies/councils / letting agents now demand a safety inspection on the electrical installation. For rental housing accommodation, the recommendation is that the electrical wiring is inspected every 5 years and at every change of tenant, this is known as an [EICR] electrical installation condition report. Landlords are legally required to ensure the accommodation provided, meets the basic safety requirements. This includes the fixed electrical installation in the property and any electrical appliances that have been provided by the landlord.

Portable Appliance Testing

AM Electrical offer a reliable electrical test for all your equipment, be it for home or business use.

PAT Testing should be carried out every 12 months. Without up-to-date PAT Tests your insurance could be invalid, making it an important legal requirement.

PAT Testing is the inspection/testing of all portable electrical appliances to assess their operational safety and the safety of personnel operating the equipment. These items are required to be tested on a regular basis.

(Portable appliances are any item of electrical equipment that has a power lead with a plug and is to be connected to the mains electricity supply.)

A certificate will be issued after the portable appliance testing is complete, stating the safety of the equipment.

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