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Commonly asked electrical questions answered.

1. Is There A Difference Between A Fuse And A Circuit Breaker?

The main difference between fuse and circuit breakers is that fuses cannot be reused while circuit breakers can be reused over and over again. Circuit breakers are used to protect homes and devices against overloading and short-circuiting while fuses protect devices and homes against overloading only.

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There is always a lot of commercial work for electricians and commercial electricians are very much in demand.

A lot of people require electrical services for residential and or commercial services and it is often considered a highly sophisticated field of employment.

Commercial electricians may find themselves installing complex electrical systems into commercial buildings, working at heights; for example outside lighting, distribution box  poles, high roof lighting or up in suspended office ceilings across a wide range of building types such as:

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AM Electricals Commercial Services

Selecting a good commercial electrician

One thing every office needs is an effective electrical service that ensures safety and comfort while using electrical appliances in your office. With the amount of electrical devices being produced currently, electrical risks keep increasing by the day. Hence, the need for a trustworthy professional or commercial electrician to ensure that your office is properly wired to handle electrical appliances and their activities.

One of such trustworthy companies is AM Electricals. AM Electricals is a professional and trustworthy company that specializes in electrical installations for commercial usage. We focus on the various electrical problems that your company may experience so that you don’t have to worry or do it yourself. AM Electricals is government approved, and also an NIC EIC approved commercial electrical contractor.

With our vast experience we not only handle commercial electrical wiring, but also industrial electrical wiring. We are a company focused on ensuring electrical safety for your classrooms, offices, and workshops, etc. we offer various services, from electrical lighting to electrical installation. Here’s a brief overview of our services, why you need us, and what you tend to benefit from partnering with us. Read more

Water Heaters – Maintaining and Repairing

What you need to know!


Having a water heater in your home setup is an utmost priority in several homes in Birmingham, West Midlands. Hot water is a necessary convenience for most individuals, because it aids while dishwashing, cleaning, doing laundry, bathing, and even cooking. The typical homeowner cannot anticipate when a problem may arise because your water heater runs quietly in the background.

water heater repairs

water heater repairs

There are several problems that might affect your water heater including it being clogged or having electrical issues. Since you don’t have active monitoring of your heater, it’d be very hard to know when it needs repair, replacement or servicing. Hence, most water heaters have experienced long-term damage without their owners being aware of such problems.
Water heater repair and replacement services are provided with accuracy and excellent customer service by the experts at AM Electricals in Birmingham, West Midlands. Our knowledgeable team of professionals is capable of inspecting and repairing any type of water heater in your home promptly and effectively.
We can guarantee that your water heater repair, installation, or replacement is carried out in the most effective and qualified way thanks to our years of experience and competence in the electrical industry. Our company in the Birmingham, West Midlands area recognizes how crucial it is to have a reliable and efficient water heater at your residence or place of business. Read more